Families need better childcare support says Gallagher

Increased supports for middle-income families are needed in this year’s budget according to Senator Robbie Gallagher.

“The cost of childcare is still a huge issue for many families and are a huge factor in preventing many women from entering or returning to the workforce.

“The Single Affordable Childcare scheme has failed to live up to the expectations or predictions of the Government and many families are receiving a subsidy that is less than the price increases we are seeing in crèches around the country.

“Fianna Fail, ahead of this year’s budget, are calling on the Government to direct resources to middle-income families, who might earn €65,000 between them.

Under the existing scheme, they would probably qualify for a subsidy of €20 per week, meaning that they would have to spend up to €180 per week themselves on childcare. That’s about a huge chunk, 14% or so, of their gross salary, before rent or mortgage costs.

“We need progressive measures in childcare provision to ensure more equal opportunities and access for all families and Fianna Fáil will be continue to press the Minister and the Government on this issue”.

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