Gallagher secures extension to Teacher Exchange Scheme

– Monaghan Senator spearheaded campaign for more flexibility for programme –

Fianna Fáil Senator Robbie Gallagher has welcomed a decision to extend the duration of the Teacher Exchange Programme.  Up until this point the teachers could take part in the scheme for a maximum of 5 years but following a proactive campaign by Senator Gallagher that has been revised up to 6 years.

“The Teacher Exchange Scheme is an extremely successful and popular programme, which allows teachers on permanent contracts to swap schools for a period of time.  This gives teachers a broader understanding of teaching in different schools, at a variety of levels and in various settings.  This develops and enhances their teaching experience, enabling them to be more adaptable in their schools.

“More than 230 teachers are currently taking part in the scheme and are frustrated with the 5 year cap.  I have been liaising with Minister Halligan and with the Teaching Council to push for an extension of the time limit.  Following this engagement, I’ve been informed that the programme has now been extended to 6 years.

“While I would like to see the five year cap removed completely, the one year extension is a step in the right direction.  However, I would urge the Minister to reconsider the issue and explore the possibility of phasing out the time limit in cases where it suits all parties”.

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