Poultry farmers must be protected against flat rate changes – Gallagher

Poultry farmers must be protected against flat rate changes – Gallagher

Fianna Fáil Senator Robbie Gallagher has raised concerns about proposed changes to the flat rate scheme for farmers who are not registered for VAT.  The change is contained in the Finance Bill. Senator Gallagher commented, “This proposed change could see unregistered farmers penalised by placing restrictions on the scheme in certain circumstances.

While I understand that it is essential that our tax laws are not flouted, farmers will need time to ensure that their business models are compliant with this new legislation.  The timeframe is very tight – as it is due to come into operation on the 1st January next. “I have been contacted by a number of poultry farmers concerned about the impact of these new changes.  The poultry sector in Monaghan and Cavan is already under pressure as a result of the fallout from the Brexit vote, and the subsequent collapse of sterling.

This new measure, if brought in in January, could further squeeze these producers, and lead to job losses in the industry. “The poultry sector is a key industry in this region, employing hundreds of people and generating much needed investment for the border area.  Anything which threatens this sector, and especially the smaller players in it, is a cause for concern.

“These unregistered farmers have no objection to the principle of the changes coming down the line, they merely want an opportunity to ensure that they will be compliant with the new legislation.

They’re calling on the Finance Minister to delay the introduction of this legislation to allow them the time to do this.  Fianna Fáil’s Finance Spokesperson Michael McGrath will be raising this issue at the Finance Committee to establish if there is any room for manoeuvre on this issue”.

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