WATCH: “58% of students go without 1 meal a day to afford to stay in University” – Gallagher

Ireland has the highest level of participation in third level education in the EU, this is something we should be very proud of. However student accommodation in our capital in particular is a continuous crisis issue which is effecting families throughout the country who have children going to university here. In 2014 57,000 accommodation spaces were needed to meet demand, this figure is growing and is coupled with sky-high rents.

According to the USI 58% of students miss 1 meal each day to be able to afford to stay in University. 34% go without heating. 

Something needs to be done to relieve this problem which is spiraling out of control. A bank fund could be set up to fund colleges to build more student accommodation. There is also the option of de-centralizing University courses to outside the capital.


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